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Ideas are currency of the richest kind in culture today. We are supplying ready-to-make film ideas that remove the strictures of 'authorship'. This blog contains many ideas generated by us at fivegalloncan ready for you to steal, borrow or reference - no strings attached. Let's freshen up the ideas trade, by removing the restraints.



So the world is crazy right? Well, it's changing and so is the visual language that is used to tell stories. Ideas are just as likely to be generated around a product, special effect or individual as they are to adhere to any narrative models. Kids are making films out of video game clips that have millions of viewers and the search is always on for the next idea.
It's exciting to have ideas, the buzz of perfecting it and altering it. If you're a visual person you can see it in your head, or maybe it's the language that excites you first. However, the idea is personal and we are protective of this stage of the creative process.
Can we still afford to be this way? How much power do we have as the generator of the idea anymore? Can we give it away and still remain proud? Will someone else who is on a similar wavelength develop it better than you would have done?
It is this point that is fundamental to this blog. The medium on-line is social and the connections are easier to make than before, like-minded people can be found and an idea can flourish and grow.
This blog seeks to kill the author. Not literally or negatively. The buzz of the idea formulation will still be there for us, but we now have an audience who can see the first steps as well as the finished product. The 'aura' of the author is dying and this blog seeks to test the acceleration of this.
So, in blogs to follow you will see conversations, ideas, synopses, one-liners and phrases - all ripe for the taking. simply inform us at fivegalloncan if you do anything with them, and good luck.

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